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About us

At Foundation Broker, we connect our global business partners with our local presence in Sweden. We are part of a worldwide network within foundations and financing.

Our Business Concept

Our business concept is to help companies create their own foundation and also help our clients with financing. We work with tomorrow’s leading companies – that are ready today.

Our Vision

Foundation Broker’s goal is to become a world-leading company for foundations and financiers so that the members of our network can realise the benefits of their innovative and profitable solutions from the initial idea to the finished projects.

Why are more companies choosing foundations?

Everyone knows running a business in today’s world is tough. We all have face challenges with development and finances. Working with a company through a foundation is an alternative that is growing more and more in Europe. In neighbour Denmark, more than 50% of all companies have foundations, writes Dagens Industri.

More and more people want to give something back through foundations

A good way to thank the world for what you have got can be to donate money or gifts through a foundation. More and more entrepreneurs are forming their own foundations to leave their own imprint on society. One example of this is Bengt Sjöberg who donated SEK 2 billion from his foundation in order to support cancer research.

What we do

We provide consulting services to foundations, companies and non-profit organisations.

What makes us unique?

We constantly strive to run your business or foundation in the future, simply because it is in our DNA. The goal is to always be at the forefront of our specialist knowledge and we work with the best and most experienced consultants globally.
Our goal is to run your business or foundation, simply because it is in our DNA. Our specialist knowledge keeps us at the forefront of the industry and we work with the best and most experienced consultants globally.

Benefit Fundraising Foundation

Money can easily be moved to where it is needed.

A foundation can own several companies.

It also has the following benefits:

Foundation Broker & Our knowledge

Collaboration is our key word for growth, says Martin Johansson, who is the founder and CEO of the company.

Martin has been working for over 20 years with both financial institutions and foundations. He has used this experience to create Foundation Broker.

Foundation Broker helps companies and entrepreneurs create their own foundation and find the funding for them.

In this way, we stimulate growth and contribute to a more philanthropic business climate.

Through the partner cooperation in our network, Foundation Broker can:

What do our customers say about us?​

What we offer?

We offer our customers a comprehensive solution which means that we can help you with the entire foundation structure. Foundation Broker and our partners are qualified to handle the range of foundation services. From sending in your initial applications to managing the marketing of your foundation.


We use this meeting to listen to your ideas and go through the way foundations work. Then we help to start up your foundation and write the necessary documents.

What distinguishes a fund from a regular foundation is that you do not need to have your own start-up capital. What happens is that wealth is built up as the money enters the fundraising foundation. Creating a fundraising foundation is therefore an excellent alternative to raising money for various charitable purposes. At the meeting we go through what best fits your needs.


We help so that there will be sales and marketing activities around you, so that you can get donations into the Foundation. The grants can come from companies, private individuals and other foundations that have surplus cash.

We help you get in touch with those who want to become monthly donors, give individual donations, or hold a corporate event with you in order to strengthen their company’s CSR work thereby demonstrating to the public that they work with sustainable development.


We help you make a preliminary analysis to determine whether your company has the right conditions to create a pension foundation. This feasibility study will fully asses the benefits of your company establishing an insurance company.

PRI writes on its website that ITP 1 owns the company retirement capital in the business instead of paying premiums to a pension company.

While Alecta writes that they are Sweden’s largest pension manager, a central part of the Swedish security system and one of the largest investors on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Our senior consultants have over 20 years of experience from the finance and insurance industry as well as the permits needed to make an impartial analysis.


Are you thinking of starting a foundation but want to know more before you start it or do you already have a foundation and want more in-depth knowledge? If so, you are welcome to register for one of our foundation courses.

Basic course
The course is aimed at those who work with a foundation or are considering starting a foundation. You will get a general knowledge of the regulations, planning required, and the basics of putting together a foundation.

Advanced course
On our continuation course you will gain in-depth knowledge of how foundations work. Here you will meet the most knowledgeable lecturers in tax, legal and financial placement. All in order to get the latest information regarding foundations.

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Fundraising Foundation:

A good way to work with charity is to start a fundraising foundation.

This is because you do not have to go in with any own starting capital.

If, however, you have plenty of money you can instead form a regular foundation.

Fundraising foundations are foundations whose purpose is to raise money for predetermined philanthropic purposes.

What is a foundation?



Works with fundraising foundations



Which can be transformed into nutrition foundations.

From Vasa to Kamprad

Having a foundation is nothing new. Foundations been around since the Middle Ages. The real foundation tree came in the late 1800s.

Until the 1920s, many Swedes became wealthy with the industrial breakthrough.  Knut  and Alice Wallenberg invested  money into foundations, to secure the family’s continued ownership and to contribute to public utility purposes.

Within the last 30 years there has been a large foundation boom.  Both in Sweden and internationally.  Great wealth has been created and many of these people choose foundations as a form to give back to society.

According to the OECD, rich countries and private foundations donated nearly $500 billion (around SEK 4,200 billion) to developing countries between 2013 and 2015. That is approximately the value of everything that is produced in Sweden in one year (GDP).

About 95 percent of the aid comes from states, and the United States is by far the largest donor. But in recent years, contributions from foundations that have been started by, among other things, super-rich entrepreneurs have also increased dramatically.

The biggest of these is the Bill Gates Foundation. Together with his wife, he started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation nearly twenty years ago.

The Foundation's history



1551 first foundation



Danviks Hospital, that remains today



Kamprad & IKEAs foundations comprise about SEK 650 billion.

Companies that have chosen to form a foundation structure:

Dagens Industri writes:

On average, foundation-controlled companies have performed  much better on the stock market over the past five years.

Our Partners

För att hela tiden kunna ligga i framkant inom respektive affärsområde så ser vi till att våra konsulter och våra samarbetspartners är med på våra finansiella utbildningar. Våra rådgivare har en finansiell bakgrund och har dom tillstånd hos FI som behövs för att kunna ge opartiska råd.

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Exempel på andra som väljer stiftelse:

Dagens Industri skriver: Stiftelsekontrollerade bolag har gått betydligt bättre än börsen i genomsnitt under de senaste fem åren.

En stiftelse:

Ett bra sätt att arbeta med välgörenhet är att starta en insamlingsstiftelse. Detta eftersom man inte behöver gå in med något eget startkapital. Har man däremot gott om pengar kan man istället bilda en vanlig stiftelse. Insamlingsstiftelser är stiftelser som har till ändamål att samla in pengar för förutbestämda filantropiska ändamål.

Vad är då en stiftelse?​



Jobbar med insamlings stiftelser



Som kan omvandlas till näringsstiftelser.

Från Vasa till Kamprad

Att ha en stiftelse är inget nytt det har funnits redan från medeltiden. Men den riktiga stiftelseboomen kom först i slutet av 1800-talet.

Fram till 1920 talet var det många svenskar som blev förmögna i och med det industriella genombrottet. Några av dessa var Knut och Alice Wallenberg som satte en del av sina pengar i stiftelser, för att säkra familjens fortsatta ägande och för att bidra till allmännyttiga ändamål.

Inom de senaste 30 åren har det skett en stor boom inom området. Både i Sverige och internationellt har det skapats stora förmögenheter och många av de här personerna väljer stiftelser som en form att ge tillbaka till samhället.

SVD skriver i sin artikel att:

Enligt OECD donerade rika länder och privata stiftelser mellan 2013 och 2015 nästan 500 miljarder dollar (runt 4 200 miljarder kronor) till utvecklingsländer. Det är i runda slängar lika mycket som värdet av allt det som produceras i Sverige under ett år (BNP).

Runt 95 procent av hjälpen kommer från stater, och USA är den i särklass största donatorn. Men de senaste åren har även bidragen kommit ifrån stiftelser som bland annat startats av superrika entreprenörer ökat dramatiskt.

Den största anledningen stavas Bill Gates. Tillsammans med sin fru startade han Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation för snart tjugo år sedan.

Stiftelsens historia



1551 första stiftelsen



Danviks Hospital, som finns kvar än i dag



Kamprad & IKEAs stiftelser omfattar ca 650 miljarder kr.